Kim Kardashian to Terrify Fans in American Horror Story Season 12

Kim Kardashian to Terrify Fans in American Horror Story Season 12


21 July, 2023

Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star, is all set to make her chilling acting debut in the upcoming season of American Horror Story. Recently, a hair-raising teaser for the twelfth season, titled American Horror Story: Delicate, was released, giving us a glimpse of Kim in her spooky new look.

In the short 40-second clip, Kim Kardashian is virtually unrecognizable, sporting a haunting appearance with ghostly white skin, striking lashes, and blood-red lipstick. Dressed in an eerie black gown, complete with latex gloves, she cradles a baby, adding to the mystery and suspense.

Excitement grows as the teaser also reveals appearances by Cara Delevingne and Emma Roberts, further intriguing fans about the show's upcoming plot.

American Horror Story: Delicate draws inspiration from Danielle Valentine’s gripping novel, Delicate Condition, scheduled to hit the shelves on August 1. The novel revolves around a woman's desperate desire to start a family, only to suspect that a sinister figure is thwarting her attempts at pregnancy.

This season also boasts stellar performances by Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and Zachary Quinto, who will make thrilling cameo appearances.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy expressed his enthusiasm about having Kim Kardashian join the AHS family, stating, "Kim is one of the brightest television stars in the world, and we are thrilled to welcome her aboard." The collaboration promises to be a standout addition to the show's already impressive roster of stars.

Emma Roberts, co-creator of the show, is equally excited to work with Kim Kardashian, adding, "Emma and I can't wait to collaborate with this true force in the culture. Halley Feiffer has crafted a fun, stylish, and utterly terrifying role tailored for Kim, making this season unlike anything we have ever done before."

While Kim Kardashian has previously appeared in minor roles on shows like Disaster Movie, CSI: NY, and Drop Dead Diva, American Horror Story: Delicate marks her first major acting endeavor. Fans eagerly anticipate her performance, expecting to witness her talent and versatility shine in this thrilling new chapter of the hit series.

As the premiere date draws near, the buzz around American Horror Story: Delicate intensifies, with viewers anxiously awaiting Kim Kardashian's transformation and her role in this gripping thriller. The show's longstanding reputation for delivering captivating and horrifying tales leaves no doubt that this season will be yet another unforgettable installment in the American Horror Story saga.

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