Laughter Lost: Iconic Comedian Jango Edwards Succumbs to Cancer at 73

Laughter Lost: Iconic Comedian Jango Edwards Succumbs to Cancer at 73

August 6, 2023

Barcelona - The entertainment world is in mourning as the legendary American clown and comedian, Jango Edwards, bid farewell at the age of 73 in Barcelona after a brave battle with cancer. Born as Stanley Ted Edwards in Detroit, Michigan in 1950, Jango discovered his true calling in clowning during the vibrant 1970s, sparking a captivating journey of laughter that has left an indelible mark on comedy history.

Jango Edwards was a beloved and revered figure in the comedy realm, enchanting audiences with his utterly unique style and magnetic performances. His magnetic charisma charmed Europe, notably France, where he enjoyed a spectacular nine-month headlining gig at the prestigious Splendid from 1987 to 1988, earning him a cherished spot in the hearts of all who had the joy of experiencing his comedic genius.

An unforgettable highlight of Jango's illustrious career was his eccentric and brilliant appearances on the iconic show "Nulle part ailleurs" on Canal+. Alongside Antoine de Caunes and José Garcia, Jango Edwards showcased his creativity and innovation, captivating viewers far beyond borders and cultures, cementing his status as a comedic trailblazer.

Switzerland held a special place in Jango Edwards' heart, and he graced the country with numerous performances at illustrious events like the Montreux Comedy Festival, the Clown Festival in Loèche-les-Bains, Morges-sous-rire, and the Arosa Humor Festival. His comic brilliance resonated with Swiss comedy enthusiasts, leaving an enduring impact and endearing him to thousands.

Beyond his performances, Jango Edwards revolutionized clowning by spearheading the 'new clown' movement. Blending traditional clowning with modern creativity, he breathed new life into the art form and inspired a new generation of comedians to follow in his legendary footsteps.

In 2009, Jango Edwards solidified his legacy by establishing an institute dedicated to the practice of clowning in the vibrant city of Barcelona, where he resided with his wife, Cristi Garbo. The institute became a beacon for aspiring clowns, providing them with a nurturing space to hone their craft under the mentorship of a celebrated comedy icon.

The news of Jango Edwards' passing reverberated throughout Barcelona, with the city's mayor, Jaume Collboni, paying heartfelt tribute on Twitter. He described Jango as "the master of clowns and a Barcelona-spirited individual," underscoring the profound impact Jango had on the city's cultural landscape and the countless lives he filled with laughter.

The world of comedy has indeed lost a luminary, but Jango Edwards' humor and legacy will continue to resonate for generations to come. His ability to touch souls with his artistry will forever be cherished and celebrated by those who adored and admired him. As we bid farewell to this comedic legend, let us remember the joy he brought into our lives and honor his memory by continuing to spread laughter and happiness wherever we go.

Before his untimely passing, Jango Edwards had completed writing a captivating book titled 'The Clown's Bible,' expected to be a testament to his wisdom, humor, and enduring spirit. As fans eagerly await the release of this literary gem, they will have an opportunity to relive and remember the laughter that Jango generously shared with the world.

In the wake of this profound loss, the comedy community comes together to remember and celebrate the life of a true comedic genius. Jango Edwards' profound influence on the art of comedy will endure, inspiring new generations of clowns, comedians, and performers to embrace their creativity and spread joy to audiences worldwide, just as he did throughout his remarkable career.

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