Remembering Angus Cloud: A Tragic Loss and Heartfelt Tribute

Remembering Angus Cloud: A Tragic Loss and Heartfelt Tribute

August 1, 2023

Oakland, Calif. - The entertainment industry mourns the tragic loss of Angus Cloud, the exceptionally talented actor celebrated for his unforgettable portrayal of Fezco “Fez” O’Neill in HBO’s critically acclaimed series "Euphoria." On a fateful Monday morning, the Oakland Fire Department responded to a medical emergency, only to discover that the 25-year-old actor was already deceased. As the investigation into his passing continues, the world remembers Angus Cloud for his humor, laughter, and love that touched so many.

Angus Cloud's family released a poignant statement expressing their profound grief at the loss of their beloved son and brother. The statement touched upon Angus's recent struggles following the loss of his father, emphasizing his openness about mental health challenges. The family hopes that his passing will serve as a powerful reminder that seeking support during difficult times is essential.

As the news of Angus Cloud's untimely death spread, fans and colleagues from the entertainment industry took to social media to share their condolences and cherished memories of the talented young actor. Angus's portrayal of Fez on "Euphoria" deeply resonated with viewers, earning him a dedicated fanbase and admiration from fellow actors and the show's creators.

"Angus was special to all of us," said his family. "As an artist, a friend, a brother, and a son, he brought humor, laughter, and love to everyone around him. We find comfort in knowing that he is now reunited with his father, his best friend."

Angus Cloud's journey to stardom was nothing short of remarkable. Prior to landing the role of Fez, he attended the Oakland School of the Arts alongside his "Euphoria" co-star Zendaya. It was during his time working at a Brooklyn restaurant that he was discovered and cast in the breakout role of Fezco "Fez" O’Neill.

"Euphoria," an Emmy-winning teen drama series, catapulted Angus Cloud into the spotlight, making him a cherished fan favorite. Despite his success, the actor remained humble and acknowledged the dedication he poured into bringing depth and authenticity to the character of Fez. Angus's talent and commitment earned him respect from the show's casting director, Jennifer Venditti, who lamented that he didn't receive enough credit for his outstanding work.

Beyond "Euphoria," Angus Cloud showcased his versatility as an actor in movies like "North Hollywood" (2021) and "The Line" (2023). Additionally, he was recently cast in a highly anticipated horror movie alongside actress Melissa Berrera, solidifying his promising career in the industry.

HBO, the network behind "Euphoria," issued a heartfelt statement expressing their deep sorrow over Angus Cloud's passing. The network acknowledged him as an immensely talented actor and a cherished member of the "Euphoria" family. The news comes as a shock to fans and fellow actors alike, who had eagerly awaited the start of production on the show's third season, unaware of the tragedy that had befallen one of its central stars.

As the world grieves the loss of a young talent, it is crucial to reflect on the importance of mental health support and awareness within the entertainment industry and beyond. Angus Cloud's family's message serves as a poignant call to action, urging others not to suffer in silence but to seek help and find comfort in human connections.

Angus Cloud's legacy will undoubtedly live on through the impact he had on those who knew and admired him, and his performances on screen that resonated deeply with viewers worldwide. May his memory be a source of inspiration to both aspiring actors and those struggling with mental health, reminding them that they are not alone on their journeys.

The entertainment community and fans alike now mourn the loss of a rising star, whose promising future was tragically cut short. Angus Cloud's talent, warmth, and genuine spirit will be dearly missed, leaving behind an indelible mark on the hearts of all who knew him, on and off the screen.

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