Holly Willoughby Apologizes for On-Air Moment on Dancing on Ice

Holly Willoughby Apologizes for On-Air Moment on Dancing on Ice

In the latest episode of ITV's hit skating competition, Dancing on Ice, host Holly Willoughby found herself issuing an apology to viewers for a moment that stirred some controversy. Airing on Sunday, January 28, the show continued to captivate audiences, but it was a particular interaction between Willoughby and her co-host, Stephen Mulhern, that took center stage.

Throughout the new series, viewers have been commending the camaraderie between Willoughby and Mulhern, who rejoined forces as presenters earlier this month. However, this camaraderie led to a surprising apology from Willoughby after Mulhern's playful antics seemingly caught her off guard.

The incident occurred during the introduction of Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi and her partner Sylvain Longchambon. Willoughby, in her usual hosting style, set the stage with, "Hoping to give their opponents the fright of their lives..." – a routine line in the context of the show. However, Mulhern, in a mischievous move, loudly shouted in Willoughby's face, causing her to jump and, according to some viewers, seemingly utter a strong expletive.

While viewers were convinced they heard a swear word, Willoughby, in a later segment of the episode, addressed the issue directly. She stated, "Now, a little bit earlier on, Stephen may have made me jump and I think it might have sounded like a naughty word slipped out. I don’t think I did! But I’m sorry if that’s what you thought you might have heard, but I don’t think I did."

She continued, "I’ll watch it back on ITV player because that’s where you can watch these things back. But I’m sorry!"

Mulhern, known for hosting the reboot of Deal or No Deal, joined Dancing on Ice after a scandal led to Phillip Schofield cutting ties with ITV. The latest episode featured all the celebrities and their pro partners performing on the rink after another week of training, excluding a star who was forced to drop out.

Despite the unexpected on-air moment, fans of the show have been effusive in their praise for the dynamic duo. Many took to social media to commend Willoughby and Mulhern's on-screen chemistry, noting that their combination has injected "more energy" into the series.

"I love you and Stephen presenting together," wrote one fan on Twitter. "You’re both brilliant and so much fun."

This isn't the first time Willoughby and Mulhern have teamed up to present Dancing on Ice. In 2022, before Schofield's departure, Mulhern briefly co-hosted the program with Willoughby after Schofield tested positive for Covid-19. The chemistry between the two presenters was evident, and viewers appreciated their seamless collaboration.

Willoughby, who made her debut on the ice skating competition alongside Schofield in 2006, welcomed Mulhern to the show on January 14, saying, "We are off! Welcome to the greatest show on ice, And also can we just say a huge welcome to Stephen Mulhern!"

The positive reception from fans showcases the resilience of the show, adapting to changes in its presenting lineup while maintaining the entertainment factor. Mulhern's return to Dancing on Ice has been met with enthusiasm, as the duo's chemistry resonates with viewers.

As viewers await the next episode, it's evident that the unexpected moments, like the one prompting Willoughby's on-air apology, contribute to the show's buzz and engagement. Whether it's the impressive performances on the ice or the banter between the hosts, Dancing on Ice continues to be a Sunday night staple, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating each new installment.

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