Nicki Minaj Fires Back with 'Big Foot' in Megan Thee Stallion Feud

Nicki Minaj Fires Back with 'Big Foot' in Megan Thee Stallion Feud

In a fiery exchange of musical jabs, Nicki Minaj has swiftly responded to Megan Thee Stallion's latest single, "Hiss," with a diss track of her own titled "Big Foot." The rap feud between the two leading ladies of hip-hop escalated just three days after Megan dropped her incendiary track, where fans speculated a subtle jab at Minaj. Now, the "Super Bass" rapper, at 41, is not holding back as she fires shots at the 28-year-old H-Town Hottie in her one-off single.

The feud seems to be rooted in Megan's lyrics, particularly a verse referencing Megan's Law, a policy requiring sex offenders to register with the state. The connection is made as Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty, is a level two sex offender in New York. Petty served four years in prison after being convicted of attempted rape in 1995, a fact Minaj addresses head-on in "Big Foot."

Nicki's track channels her alter ego Roman, unleashing accusations about Megan and delving into sensitive areas like Megan's mother's death and the 2020 shooting incident involving Tory Lanez. The latter was sentenced to 10 years in prison for assaulting Megan last year.

"Big Foot" contains explicit references to Megan's mother, who succumbed to brain cancer in 2019, with Minaj rap-snarling, "Big foot, but you still a small fry / Swearin' on your dead mother when you lie." This line not only takes a jab at Megan but also touches on the sensitive topic of family tragedy.

The track doesn't stop there, addressing cheating allegations made by Megan against her ex-boyfriend, rapper Pardison Fontaine. Minaj brings up the shooting incident, stating, "This lil' beggin' w---- talkin' 'bout Megan's law / For a free beat, you could hit Megan raw / If you a ghostwriter, Pardi in Megan jaw." The allegations, accusations, and vivid language create a charged atmosphere in the ongoing feud.

Throughout "Big Foot," Nicki questions Megan's credibility, accusing her of lying about the 2020 assault in an interview with Gayle King on CBS Mornings. The track also takes aim at Megan's rap skills, questioning her prowess in the hip-hop arena.

The feud's origin remains murky, as the two artists had collaborated successfully on 2019's "Hot Girl Summer." Some speculations point to a fallout after Megan teamed up with Cardi B on "WAP." Whatever the cause, the tension is palpable, and it's playing out in the public arena through diss tracks and social media exchanges.

Megan, meanwhile, has been promoting "Hiss" on social media without explicitly revealing who the song is targeting. On a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, she dismissed specific targets, stating that the song is directed at anyone using her name for attention, saying, "I’m saying, a hit dog gon’ holler. That’s it. Whoever feel it, feel it."

Despite Megan's attempt to keep things general, the rap feud continues to escalate. On Friday, after the release of "Hiss," Nicki teased "Big Foot" on Instagram Live, setting the stage for the verbal showdown.

In the rap game, where words are weapons, both artists are using their lyrical prowess to hit hard. The ongoing drama is not just about music; it delves into personal and sensitive aspects of their lives, making it a high-stakes exchange.

As the tension rises, fans eagerly await the next move in this rap battle. Whether the feud will fizzle out or intensify further remains to be seen, but for now, "Big Foot" and "Hiss" have intensified the spotlight on the clash between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, leaving the hip-hop community buzzing with anticipation.

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