Widow Kelly Rizzo Finds Love Again with Actor Breckin Meyer

Widow Kelly Rizzo Finds Love Again with Actor Breckin Meyer

Kelly Rizzo, who was married to the famous "Full House" star Bob Saget until he passed away in 2022, has shared that she is now in a relationship with actor Breckin Meyer, known for his roles in "Clueless" and "Road Trip." This announcement comes two years after Saget's unexpected death.

Rizzo, a blogger, and Saget got married in 2018 after he sent her a direct message inviting her to one of his shows. They met in an unusual way, as Rizzo revealed in a TikTok video. Saget was previously married to Sherri Kramer from 1982 to 1997.

Saget's sudden death in 2022, attributed to head trauma, left Rizzo grieving and contemplating the idea of moving on. It took her some time, as she shared with E! News, to feel comfortable enough to enter a new relationship, considering what Saget would have thought. This raises the question of how someone copes with loss and opens up to love again.

Recently, Rizzo and Meyer attended a Grammys viewing party in Los Angeles, where they publicly displayed their affection, holding hands and posing for photos. This public appearance signifies a significant step in Rizzo's journey toward healing and finding happiness again.

Rizzo mentioned in the interview that Saget's three adult children – Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer – have given their blessing to her new relationship. Their support holds great meaning for her, and it brings up questions about how families navigate such situations and the emotions involved.

In January, Rizzo posted a tribute to Saget on Instagram, marking the two-year anniversary of his passing. She expressed gratitude for the time they had together and the memories they shared. This reflection makes us think about the lasting impact of love and the strength needed to cope with loss.

Breckin Meyer, who was previously married to director Deborah Kaplan until 2014, brings his own experiences to this relationship. As an actor known for roles in popular movies like "Clueless," his perspective adds another layer to the complexities of love after loss.

Rizzo had mentioned earlier, in October, that she was "open" to dating again in an interview with Extra. Even Saget's daughters encouraged her pursuit of happiness, as she revealed in the interview. This aspect raises questions about the challenges and expectations that come with finding love again after a significant loss.

As Rizzo and Meyer step into the public eye as a couple, they face the scrutiny that often comes with celebrity relationships. Their journey, marked by shared smiles at the Grammys party and open acknowledgment of the past, invites us to think about societal expectations and the unique challenges faced by individuals navigating love and loss in the public spotlight.

In conclusion, Kelly Rizzo's disclosure about her relationship with Breckin Meyer is a significant moment in her journey of healing and rediscovery after Bob Saget's passing. The complexities of finding love again after loss, especially in the public eye, bring up important questions about resilience, family dynamics, and the delicate balance required to honor the past while embracing the present. As they move forward, Rizzo and Meyer offer a glimpse into the human capacity for enduring grief and finding joy again.

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