Wipro Initiates Job Cuts in Global IT Trend

Wipro Initiates Job Cuts in Global IT Trend

In the fast-changing world of the IT industry, Wipro, a big company based in Bengaluru, is making smart moves to adjust its workforce in response to the changing market. Recent reports suggest that the company is in the process of reducing jobs, similar to what other big companies like SAP, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Paypal have been doing. This move aims to improve profits and make operations more straightforward to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

According to a report from Economic Times on January 31, Wipro is cutting 'hundreds' of mid-level jobs onsite. When CNBC-TV18 asked Wipro to confirm, a person from the company said they are committed to investing in people, processes, and technology. The person highlighted how important it is to adjust the business and talent to the changing market, which is a crucial part of Wipro's plan to build a strong, flexible, and high-performance organization.

This move comes after Wipro shared its results for October to December, where the company said the total number of employees went down for the fifth time in a row. During this time, 4,473 employees left, making the total number of employees 240,234 by the end of 2023. While fewer people left the company during this time (attrition eased down to 14.2%, reaching a low point in 10 quarters), Wipro is still looking at how to manage its workforce.

It's important to note that Wipro sees the reduction in the number of workers not as a sign of things slowing down but as a chance to use their workforce better. The company believes it has a good pool of talented people and plans to hire for specific skills as the demand for those skills goes up in the coming months. This change in strategy is part of a bigger trend in the industry where IT solution firms around the world are using artificial intelligence (AI) to make things more efficient and profitable.

For example, SAP, a big software company from Germany, recently said they are making changes in 2024 that will affect nearly 8,000 positions. The goal is to focus more on using AI to make things work better, showing a global move in IT firms to use the power of automation and intelligence.

Similarly, Google, which is owned by Alphabet, with Sundar Pichai as its CEO, is getting ready for possible job cuts in 2024. Pichai told employees that the company, with big goals, will invest in important things, which might lead to changes in the workforce. This echoes what Alphabet said in 2023 about cutting 12,000 jobs, which is 6% of its global workforce. This shows how IT companies are changing to meet the demands of the market and new technology.

The question comes up: Are these job cuts just a response to short-term problems, or are they part of a bigger change in the IT industry? As companies everywhere start using AI and automation more, is cutting jobs a necessary step to stay competitive, or does it make people worry about having fewer job opportunities?

Wipro's decision to adjust its workforce matches what other companies are doing, showing that many understand the need to balance using their workforce well with new technology. The focus on building a strong, flexible, and high-performance organization shows a smart way of dealing with the challenges of a changing market.

In conclusion, Wipro's choice to adjust its workforce is part of a bigger change in the industry to use AI and automation for better efficiency. As the IT world changes, companies need to rethink their plans, which might include job cuts, but it also opens up chances for training and moving people to new roles. The big question remains: How will these changes shape the future of the IT industry, and what impact will they have on the workforce of tomorrow? Only time will show what these important decisions mean for the future of technology and jobs.

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