Fielding & Bonneville: Hilarious Duo in Apple TV+ Comedy

Fielding & Bonneville: Hilarious Duo in Apple TV+ Comedy

In the colorful world of Apple TV+, a delightful surprise awaits fans as Noel Fielding and Hugh Bonneville team up in "The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin." This quirky series takes us on a wild ride through the fictionalized escapades of the infamous 18th-century highwayman, Dick Turpin, played by Fielding, and the equally amusing corrupt politician, Jonathan Wild, portrayed by Bonneville.

Imagine a comedy duo with a dash of buddy-cop dynamics, a mix of serious-minded corruption meeting flamboyant woodland charm. It's like the 80s brought back to life, reminiscent of iconic films like Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The chemistry between Fielding and Bonneville became an unexpected gem, a happy accident that the creators couldn't resist.

"We were very excited that Hugh was gonna be Jonathan Wild, but then it became quite clear very early on that we had quite a good double act, Hugh and I," shares Fielding. "You're not always that lucky, sometimes you try to force those things and they don't work, but our clown statuses seem to be compatible, which is a gift for comedy."

Bonneville humorously adds, "We're literally manacled together at one point, so it's just as well that we have a good double act." Picture that – an unlikely duo navigating the 18th-century landscape, weaving through the challenges of criminal mischief and political shenanigans.

The duo's push-pull relationship forms the crux of the comedic series. Bonneville reflects on their characters, saying, "It sort of reminds you of those buddy[-cop], anti-hero and hero comedies of the 80s. The rather serious-minded corrupt politician meets the flamboyant Tinkerbell of the woods." And so begins the laughter-inducing journey where sworn enemies find themselves reluctantly admitting they might just like each other.

The creative minds behind the show, including director Ben Palmer, couldn't ignore the magic happening on screen. "This is really working, you two on screen together is really working as a double act," noted Palmer during early rushes. Sometimes, the best things in entertainment happen by chance, and this dynamic duo is proof.

While the series takes inspiration from real historical figures like Dick Turpin and Jonathan Wild, it isn't afraid to embrace the freedom of fiction. Fielding, who plays Turpin, shares, "The world of it felt quite unusual, so it was quite appealing immediately. We had no idea how we were gonna make it, but we felt like the original concept was a good one."

In this reimagined 18th-century landscape, Turpin's character undergoes a transformation. A vegan with a yearning for purpose, Turpin stumbles into the absurd situation of leading a criminal gang despite lacking essential skills like horseback riding and sword fighting. The stagecoach robber becomes a comedic figure, with his quest for purpose taking unexpected turns.

Bonneville, who plays Jonathan Wild, offers a playful insight into his character development, jokingly saying, "I went and hung around the House of Parliament for research. After several nice lunches with various people and some brown envelopes containing cash, I felt I'd really nailed the character." A touch of humor in every aspect, it seems.

The series doesn't stop at Fielding and Bonneville's antics; it welcomes a star-studded supporting cast, including Tamsin Greig, known for her role in Friday Night Dinner. Greig brings Lady Helen Gwinear to life, the head of a criminal organization encountered by Turpin on his escapades.

"The idea being pitched was, did I want to play a character who just bullies Hugh Bonneville? Well, obviously," Greig shares with a laugh. The scenes between her character and Wild are a highlight, showcasing a no-nonsense leader interacting with the serious-minded politician in hilarious ways.

Greig sheds light on the imaginative reimagining of Turpin's life within the show. "I just thought about how Lady Helen is a grown-up toddler, and when someone has that much power, and money, and influence, they can just behave like a rock star," she explains. The show takes creative liberties, pushing boundaries and playfully exploring what could have been in the mysterious life of Dick Turpin.

The creative team even modernizes aspects of Turpin's character, turning him into a vegan and pacifist. Greig reflects on this approach, stating, "I think that they just use that premise to be imaginative with this story, like well, nobody really knows, so let's just push the boundaries."

In the hands of Noel Fielding, known for his playful and creative approach, the series ventures into wildness, embracing the unknown and crafting a comedic narrative that resonates with viewers. Greig sums it up, saying, "And the truth is, he does have lovely hair, so why not comment on it at every opportunity."

As we dive into "The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin," it's not just a journey through the 18th century; it's a journey through the unexpected, where historical figures become comedy gold, and the laughter is as timeless as the characters themselves. So, buckle up for a ride filled with humor, unpredictability, and the joy of watching two clowns whose statuses perfectly align for the gift of comedy.

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