Former USC Quarterback Caleb Williams Impresses at Pro Day

Former USC Quarterback Caleb Williams Impresses at Pro Day

In a high-stakes display of talent, former USC quarterback Caleb Williams, widely regarded as the potential top pick in the upcoming NFL draft, showcased his skills during his pro day in front of representatives from all 32 NFL teams.

Williams, who opted out of throwing at the scouting combine, emphasized his readiness and confidence in becoming the No. 1 overall pick. Despite skipping medical testing and measurements at the combine, he seized the opportunity during his pro day to demonstrate his capabilities, particularly in throwing the ball, a skill he hadn't displayed since the 2023 college football season.

During his college career, spanning one season at Oklahoma and two at USC, Williams amassed impressive statistics, including 10,082 passing yards and 93 touchdown passes, along with 27 rushing touchdowns. His standout performance during his sophomore season at USC catapulted him into the conversation as a potential top draft pick.

The Chicago Bears, holding the coveted first pick, were notably present at Williams' pro day, showing keen interest in his talents. Williams, weighing in at around 217 pounds, expressed confidence in his physical readiness to withstand hits from NFL defenders.

Reflecting on his interaction with the Bears, Williams emphasized the importance of building relationships, indicating a positive outlook on potentially joining forces with wide receiver Keenan Allen, a familiar face from the Bears' contingent.

Throughout the pro day session, Williams impressed scouts with his timing and accuracy on the field, with only a handful of missed throws, which he promptly analyzed and discussed with precision.

In conclusion, Williams' pro day served as a crucial platform for him to reaffirm his readiness for the NFL draft. With a stellar performance and positive interactions with teams like the Bears, Williams remains a standout prospect poised to make a significant impact at the professional level.

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