LSU Coach Kim Mulkey's Response to Washington Post Profile

LSU Coach Kim Mulkey's Response to Washington Post Profile

Legendary Louisiana State University women's basketball coach, Kim Mulkey, made headlines recently regarding her response to a profile piece published by The Washington Post. The article, written by reporter Kent Babb, delves into Mulkey's illustrious career as both a player and a coach. Despite the buzz surrounding the piece, Mulkey revealed that she hadn't yet read it, and wasn't sure if she ever would.

During a press conference prior to LSU's Sweet 16 matchup against UCLA, Mulkey addressed questions about the timing of the article's release. She hinted at a possible agenda behind the timing, suggesting it could be a distraction tactic. Mulkey remained steadfast in her stance, indicating that she would leave it up to her attorneys to determine if there were any concerns within the article that warranted her attention.

This reaction comes after Mulkey's earlier remarks during a news conference on March 23, where she criticized The Washington Post for their approach to the story. Mulkey revealed that the reporter had been pursuing her for an interview for two years, finally reaching out to LSU just days before their tournament game with a laundry list of questions. Mulkey deemed the deadline "ridiculous" and asserted that it was an attempt to prevent her from commenting and distract her team from the tournament.

Mulkey didn't mince words when she threatened legal action against The Washington Post, vowing to sue if they published any false information about her. She made it clear that she was in a position to hold journalists accountable and wouldn't hesitate to do so.

The profile piece itself delves into Mulkey's personal and professional life, offering insights into her upbringing, her career as a player at Louisiana Tech, and her tenure as a coach, notably with the Baylor Lady Bears. It also touches on controversies surrounding Mulkey, including criticism from former players regarding her support for their sexuality.

Despite the attention surrounding the article, Mulkey remained focused on her team's performance on the court. Following LSU's victory over UCLA, Mulkey once again brushed off questions about the Post's article, indicating that she hadn't read it and likely wouldn't. She expressed surprise at the timing of its release, suggesting it was a deliberate attempt to garner attention.

In response to inquiries about the article, a representative for LSU directed media outlets to Mulkey's postgame conference, signaling that the focus remained on the team's success in the tournament.

As LSU prepares to face off against the Iowa Hawkeyes for a spot in the Final Four, Mulkey's ability to maintain her composure amidst media scrutiny underscores her dedication to her team's success. While the profile piece may offer insights into Mulkey's journey, her primary focus remains on leading her team to victory on the court.

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