Meghan Markle Launches American Riviera Orchard: Return to Instagram

Meghan Markle Launches American Riviera Orchard: Return to Instagram

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has made a splash on social media with the launch of her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. This marks her return to Instagram after a hiatus of four years, attracting a whopping 200,000 followers within hours of the announcement.

The brand's debut on Instagram included nine posts showcasing its gilded logo and crest, sparking speculation among royal watchers that the logo is Meghan's own calligraphy. The Duchess's foray into entrepreneurship comes after stepping down as a senior member of the royal family alongside Prince Harry in 2020.

American Riviera Orchard aims to offer a range of products, as indicated by its trademark filing application. From cookbooks to tableware, linens to spreads and preserves like jellies and nut butters, the brand promises a diverse array of offerings. Additionally, the application includes unique items like table place card holders, specified to be "not of precious metal."

But the brand's ambitions don't stop there. An international registration application reveals plans for stationary, textiles, string bags, yoga gear, and even pet-related items such as leashes, collars, and feeding mats. This expansive product line suggests that Meghan is keen on establishing a comprehensive lifestyle brand akin to those of Martha Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow.

The launch of American Riviera Orchard also featured an Instagram story, reminiscent of the title sequence of the TV series Succession. Set to Nancy Wilson's "I Wish You Love," the video showcases Meghan arranging flowers in the kitchen of her estate in Montesito and striking poses in an alcove, exuding elegance and sophistication.

In addition to its social media presence, American Riviera Orchard has launched a website inviting visitors to join a waitlist. The site, adorned with the company's logo, hints at the brand's aesthetic with its gold and cream color scheme, resembling a lavish wedding invitation.

Meghan's venture into the world of physical goods marks a significant departure from her previous media ventures with Prince Harry. While the couple has secured lucrative deals with streaming giant Netflix and audio platform Spotify, American Riviera Orchard represents their first foray into selling tangible products.

Despite their entrepreneurial pursuits, Meghan and Harry remain committed to their charitable endeavors through the Archewell Foundation. The foundation focuses on advocating for digital trust and safety, highlighting the couple's dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of business.

For Meghan, American Riviera Orchard represents a return to her roots. Before marrying into the royal family, she ran a lifestyle blog called The Tig, where she shared recipes, interviewed celebrity friends, and wrote about travel, beauty, and food. The similarities between The Tig and American Riviera Orchard, such as the calligraphic design details, suggest that Meghan is drawing inspiration from her past endeavors.

However, American Riviera Orchard exudes a more opulent aesthetic compared to The Tig's simplistic black and white palette. With its lavish gold and cream color scheme, the brand resembles a high-end wedding invitation, signaling Meghan's evolution as a tastemaker and entrepreneur.

As Meghan embarks on this new chapter of her career, she continues to captivate audiences with her blend of elegance, sophistication, and entrepreneurial spirit. With American Riviera Orchard, she's poised to leave her mark on the world of lifestyle brands, offering consumers a taste of her refined taste and style.

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