British Singer Lulu Tells Secrets to Long Life in Final Tour

British Singer Lulu Tells Secrets to Long Life in Final Tour

At 75 years old, British singer Lulu is getting ready for her last-ever tour, but she's not slowing down just yet. In a recent talk with the BBC, the famous singer shared some of her tips for maintaining a successful and long career in the music business.

One surprising thing Lulu shared is her strict routine for taking care of her voice. She said she doesn't talk before noon, a habit she sticks to carefully while on tour. This disciplined approach, she explains, is really important for looking after her voice and making sure she can sing well every night.

"To be honest with you, if when I was 15 years old and someone had said I’d be doing a final tour when I’m 75, I’d have said ‘You are joking,'" Lulu admitted during the chat. Despite not being sure at first, she's getting ready for a tour that will celebrate her long career, featuring her biggest songs like "Boom Bang-a-Bang," which famously won a music contest in 1969.

But taking care of her voice isn't the only thing helping Lulu stay in the music business for so long. She also said that meditation, which she's been doing for a long time, has helped her stay calm and focused throughout her career. "A lot of young people think that being famous will make all your dreams come true," she said. "Just being famous is hard and not the answer."

Indeed, Lulu thinks it's more important to have a rich inner life than to be famous on the outside. "Fame is only about what people see. It might seem like famous people have everything, but that's not really what matters," she added. "It’s important to have a rich inner life and take care of yourself."

Even though the farewell tour means the end of live shows for Lulu, she's not planning to stop making music altogether. In fact, she's already thinking about future projects, like working with other artists and acting. One thing she really wants to do? Sing a song with Rod Stewart, another famous singer.

"I want to sing a song with Rod Stewart, I’ve never sung with Rod. That’s something I really want," Lulu said. "It's strange it's never happened. So, I think I might have to ask Rod at some point."

As she gets ready to say goodbye to performing, Lulu's career shows how talent, hard work, and not giving up can help you overcome challenges. Whether she's singing hits or trying new things, one thing is clear: Lulu's music will keep inspiring people for a long time.

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