Kate Martin Drafted by Las Vegas Aces at WNBA Draft

Kate Martin Drafted by Las Vegas Aces at WNBA Draft

In a heartwarming twist at the WNBA draft, Kate Martin, originally attending to support her Iowa teammate Caitlin Clark, found herself stepping into the spotlight as she was drafted by the Las Vegas Aces. Martin's unexpected journey from spectator to draftee unfolded at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where she was among 1,000 fans eagerly awaiting the draft selections.

Expressing her whirlwind of emotions, Martin shared, "There are a lot of emotions right now. I’m really happy to be here. I was here to support Caitlin, but I was hoping to hear my name called. All I wanted was an opportunity and I got it. I’m really excited." Her excitement was palpable as she hugged her former Iowa teammates, Gabbie Marshall and Jada Gyamfi, seated beside her during the draft.

Martin's selection as the 18th overall pick by the Las Vegas Aces marks a significant moment in her basketball career. Despite not being on the Aces' radar in the first round, they recognized Martin's potential and grabbed the opportunity to add her to their roster.

Speaking about her selection, Martin emphasized her strong work ethic, stating, "I’m super excited for the opportunity. I have a really good work ethic." Her dedication and determination have been evident throughout her basketball journey, culminating in this remarkable achievement.

Martin's contribution to the Iowa Hawkeyes cannot be understated. Playing a pivotal role in helping Iowa reach the NCAA title game for the second consecutive season, Martin showcased her versatility on the court. Over the course of her collegiate career, she amassed impressive statistics, totaling 1,299 points, 756 rebounds, and 473 assists.

The draft also saw Martin's teammate, Caitlin Clark, being selected as the first overall pick by the Indiana Fever, marking a historic moment for the Iowa Hawkeyes. This marked the first time since 1998 that Iowa had two players selected in the WNBA draft, highlighting the talent and depth of their women's basketball program.

While the Aces didn't have any picks in the first round, they made the most of their three second-round choices. In addition to drafting Martin, they selected Syracuse guard Dyaisha Fair and Virginia Tech's Elizabeth Kitley. Despite Kitley's injury, which has sidelined her for the season, the Aces saw potential in her and chose to invest in her future.

As the WNBA gears up for the upcoming season, teams are finalizing their rosters and preparing for training camp, set to commence on April 28th. With the season opener scheduled for May 14th, players like Martin and Clark are eager to make their mark on the professional basketball stage.

Martin's unexpected journey from draft spectator to draftee serves as a reminder of the unpredictability and excitement that accompany the WNBA draft. Her story is a testament to the resilience and perseverance of athletes who never cease to pursue their dreams.

In conclusion, Kate Martin's draft selection by the Las Vegas Aces represents a milestone in her basketball career and serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere. With her unwavering determination and dedication, she is poised to make a significant impact in the WNBA and continue to elevate women's basketball to new heights.

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