North Carolina Family Discovers Massive Bee Colony in Child's Closet Wall

North Carolina Family Discovers Massive Bee Colony in Child's Closet Wall

A family in North Carolina received an unexpected and terrifying surprise when they discovered that the "monster" lurking in their child's closet was not imaginary but, in fact, a massive colony of over 50,000 bees. What initially seemed like a minor issue with a few bees flying into their attic turned into a major ordeal, causing extensive damage to their home and necessitating the removal of the bees.

Ashley Massis Class, a mother of three children under the age of four, first became aware of the bee infestation when her toddler daughter mentioned hearing "monsters" in her closet. Concerned, Ashley and her husband decided to investigate further. Little did they know, they were about to uncover a hive of epic proportions.

Despite the initial difficulty in locating the hive, the family persisted, enlisting the help of pest control companies and beekeepers. It wasn't until a thermal camera was employed that the true extent of the infestation was revealed – a massive hive nestled within the walls of their daughter's room.

Describing the moment of discovery, Ashley recalled her initial shock, admitting that she initially thought it might be something far more sinister than a hive of bees. The beekeeper's subsequent actions confirmed their worst fears as bees swarmed out of the wall, creating a scene reminiscent of a horror movie.

The damage caused by the bees was not limited to the physical structure of the home. The bees' presence had also wreaked havoc on the electrical wiring, resulting in approximately $20,000 worth of damage. Unfortunately, the family's homeowner's insurance would not cover the cost of repairs, adding to the stress of the situation.

In addition to the financial burden, the family also had to contend with the emotional toll of the ordeal. Ashley recounted reassuring her daughter that the "monster hunter," as she affectionately referred to the beekeeper, was removing all of the bees. It was a surreal moment for the family, finally realizing that their daughter's fears were not unfounded – there really was a monster in her wall, albeit of the insect variety.

The process of removing the bees was no small feat. Over the course of several extractions, beekeepers worked tirelessly to relocate tens of thousands of bees and a honeycomb weighing more than 100 pounds to a bee sanctuary. Despite the challenges, the family remained grateful for the expertise and dedication of those involved in the removal process.

The timing of the bee infestation was both a blessing and a curse for the Massis Class family. On one hand, Ashley and her husband were fortunate to be on leave from work due to the recent birth of their baby. This meant that they had the time and flexibility to deal with the situation without the added stress of juggling work commitments.

However, the constant sound of humming bees on the other side of a door served as a constant reminder of the ordeal they were facing. Nevertheless, the family remained resilient in the face of adversity, determined to overcome this unexpected challenge together.

As Ashley reflected on the experience, she couldn't help but marvel at the surreal nature of the situation. What had started as a simple case of a few bees in the attic had escalated into a full-blown bee infestation, complete with a hive of epic proportions hidden within the walls of her daughter's room.

Despite the hardships they faced, the Massis Class family emerged from the ordeal stronger and more appreciative of the simple joys of home ownership. While the memory of the bee infestation would undoubtedly linger, they were grateful for the opportunity to turn their harrowing experience into a cautionary tale – a reminder to always be vigilant and proactive when it comes to home maintenance and pest control.

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