Philadelphia Eagles Select Versatile RB Will Shipley in 2024 NFL Draft

Philadelphia Eagles Select Versatile RB Will Shipley in 2024 NFL Draft

The Philadelphia Eagles have bolstered their roster with the addition of talented running back, Will Shipley, selected as the 127th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. The acquisition of Shipley came through a strategic trade with the Houston Texans, solidifying the Eagles' commitment to enhancing their offensive arsenal for the upcoming season.

In his introductory press conference as an Eagle, Shipley exuded confidence and determination, stating, "I'm going in there and I'm going to work my butt off and do what I'm told." This statement reflects Shipley's readiness to contribute to the team and earn the respect of his teammates and coaches through his hard work and dedication.

Shipley's versatility on the field is one of his standout qualities. Standing at 5-11 and weighing 206 pounds, he possesses the ability to excel as a runner, pass catcher, and kick returner. His impressive performance at Clemson University, where he accumulated 3,249 total yards of offense and 34 touchdowns over three seasons, underscores his impact potential in the NFL.

Notably, Shipley's prowess extends beyond traditional running back duties. As the lead kick returner for Clemson, he amassed 904 return yards and boasted an average of 26.6 yards per kick return during his college career. Such versatility makes Shipley a valuable asset for the Eagles, providing options for special teams and enhancing their offensive strategies.

Clemson Running Backs Coach C.J. Spiller praised Shipley's unique skill set, emphasizing his ability to make an immediate impact on the field. Spiller noted Shipley's leadership qualities and predicted that his presence would be welcomed by the entire Eagles organization and community.

Shipley's selection by the Eagles also carries personal significance, as he is familiar with the City of Brotherly Love. His older brother, James, competes on the University of Pennsylvania lacrosse team, allowing Shipley and his family to develop a connection with Philadelphia over the years.

The opportunity to join the Eagles holds special meaning for Shipley, who expressed his excitement about the prospect of playing in a city he has grown to love. He conveyed his eagerness to contribute to the team's success and expressed gratitude for the chance to fulfill his NFL dreams in Philadelphia.

Saquon Barkley, Shipley's new teammate and a former standout at Penn State, reached out to him shortly after the draft. Barkley, known for his dynamic playing style, offered words of encouragement to Shipley, further solidifying the camaraderie within the Eagles locker room.

Head Coach Nick Sirianni lauded Shipley's abilities, highlighting his agility, acceleration, and versatility on the field. Sirianni emphasized Shipley's character as a leader and hard worker, qualities that align with the Eagles' values and culture.

Director of Player Personnel Alan Wolking echoed Sirianni's sentiments, praising Shipley's toughness, tenacity, and athletic prowess. Wolking emphasized Shipley's potential to excel in various aspects of the game, including running, receiving, and special teams play.

Looking ahead, Shipley's arrival presents exciting possibilities for the Eagles' offense. His multifaceted skill set and commitment to excellence make him a valuable addition to the team's roster, poised to make an impact in the NFL.

As Shipley embarks on this new chapter of his football journey, he carries with him the support of his teammates, coaches, and the passionate fanbase of Philadelphia. With his talent, work ethic, and dedication to success, Shipley is poised to leave a lasting impression on the Eagles organization and make his mark in the NFL.

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