Pochettino Criticizes Chelsea Players' Penalty Feud in Everton Win

Pochettino Criticizes Chelsea Players' Penalty Feud in Everton Win

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino was left visibly frustrated after his team's resounding 6-0 victory over Everton, as a dispute over a penalty kick marred an otherwise impressive performance at Stamford Bridge.

The incident occurred in the second half when Chelsea were already comfortably leading 4-0. As Noni Madueke was brought down in the box, Nicolas Jackson and Noni Madueke engaged in a squabble over who would take the penalty kick. It took the intervention of team captain Conor Gallagher to resolve the situation, as he asserted Palmer's role as the designated penalty taker and handed him the ball.

In a post-match interview, Pochettino expressed his disappointment with the players' behavior, stating, "The players and staff know that Cole Palmer is the penalty taker. I am so, so upset about the situation. Discipline is the most important thing in our team."

Pochettino emphasized that such behavior was unacceptable, particularly from young and inexperienced players like Jackson and Madueke. He praised Gallagher's quick intervention to diffuse the situation but made it clear that there would be no tolerance for such incidents in the future.

"We all agree they [Jackson and Madueke] were wrong. They are not experienced players. They are young," Pochettino remarked. "It was very good the reaction by Conor Gallagher to diffuse things. We can't show that type of behavior. It's like we are in a school, and our job is to show them they were wrong so they can learn."

Despite his disappointment, Pochettino refrained from imposing any punishment on the players, instead emphasizing the need for them to learn from the incident. He reiterated Palmer's status as the designated penalty taker, stating, "If Palmer is on the pitch, he is the penalty taker."

Apologizing for the incident, Pochettino acknowledged the negative image it portrayed of the club. However, he also took the opportunity to praise Palmer for his composure in converting the penalty, which brought his tally to a perfect 9-for-9 from the spot this season.

"He was a player always with the capacity to score when at Manchester City, but I think the way he has adapted himself is fantastic," Pochettino said of Palmer. "He is amazing for the team, for him, and he is showing that the club made the right decision in signing him."

Reflecting on the overall performance, Pochettino expressed satisfaction with the team's improvement compared to their previous match against Sheffield United. He commended the players for their collective effort and described the game as "the perfect game."

However, Pochettino also emphasized the need for maturity and collective thinking, particularly as Chelsea aims to climb higher in the Premier League table. He urged his team to learn from their mistakes and behave more responsibly on the pitch.

"It's impossible after a performance like this to have this type of behavior that shows that we are in a process, and we will learn a lot," Pochettino stated. "We are a great team fighting for big things. We need to change and think more in a collective way."

In conclusion, despite the incident, Chelsea's convincing win over Everton keeps them in contention for European places in the Premier League. As the season finale approaches, Pochettino's message to his team is clear: maintain the performance but demonstrate greater maturity and responsibility on the field.

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