Police Reopen Investigation into Angela Rayner's Residency Declaration

Police Reopen Investigation into Angela Rayner's Residency Declaration

An investigation has been reopened by the Greater Manchester police concerning allegations of potential electoral law violations by Angela Rayner, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. The inquiry focuses on assertions that Rayner provided inaccurate information regarding her residency prior to assuming her role as a Member of Parliament (MP). James Daly, a deputy chair of the Conservative party and MP for Bury North, brought these concerns to the attention of law enforcement, prompting a reassessment of the case.

The allegations against Rayner revolve around her residency declaration and the sale of her former council house in Stockport. It has been suggested that Rayner may have made false declarations on the electoral register regarding her primary residence. Furthermore, questions have arisen regarding whether she paid the appropriate amount of capital gains tax on the sale of the property in 2015.

Rayner purchased her council house on Vicarage Road in January 2007 for £79,000. She was registered on the electoral roll at this address from 2007 until 2015 and did not rent out the property during this time. Rayner has maintained that this house was her primary residence. Notably, her then-partner, Mark Rayner, owned a separate home on Lowndes Lane, approximately a mile away, and the couple opted to maintain separate residences.

In 2010, Rayner reportedly re-registered the births of her two sons with Mark at his residence, raising questions about the consistency of her declared primary residence. Additionally, the sale of Rayner's council house in 2015 for £127,500, resulting in a profit of £48,500, has come under scrutiny. At the time of the sale, Rayner was registered at this address on the electoral roll until her husband sold his property in 2016.

The reopening of the investigation follows a reassessment of information provided by Daly, who alerted Greater Manchester police to discrepancies in Rayner's residency claims. A spokesperson for the police stated that they are investigating whether any offenses have been committed based on the new information.

Despite the allegations, Rayner has adamantly asserted her innocence, stating that she has "done absolutely nothing wrong." She claims to have sought legal advice, which indicated that she did not breach any rules. However, Rayner has declined to publicly disclose this legal advice or her personal tax information.

In response to the investigation, a Labour spokesperson expressed confidence in Rayner's adherence to electoral rules and welcomed the opportunity for her to clarify the facts with the police. Former Labour leader Ed Miliband also voiced support for Rayner, describing her as an inspiration and emphasizing her importance in politics.

Similarly, current Labour leader Keir Starmer reiterated his confidence in Rayner's integrity and stressed that the allegations are politically motivated. Starmer emphasized that the public is more concerned with pressing issues, such as challenges facing the healthcare system, rather than the allegations against Rayner.

In conclusion, the ongoing investigation into Angela Rayner's residency declaration and the sale of her former council house has raised questions about her compliance with electoral law. While Rayner maintains her innocence and has the support of Labour officials and former party leaders, the investigation by Greater Manchester police remains ongoing. The outcome of the investigation will determine whether any offenses have been committed in relation to Rayner's residency claims and financial transactions.

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