Thousands Evacuated as Mount Ruang Erupts, Tsunami Fears Prompted

Thousands Evacuated as Mount Ruang Erupts, Tsunami Fears Prompted

Thousands of people living near Mount Ruang on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia are facing a tough situation. The volcano has erupted multiple times since Friday, causing chaos and prompting evacuations. Let's dive into the details.

The eruption has unleashed ash, falling rocks, and hot volcanic clouds, putting the lives of residents at risk. To ensure safety, more than 2,100 people have been evacuated from the area. The situation is serious, with fears of a tsunami looming large.

The eruption has affected the nearby Manado city, where an international airport had to be temporarily closed due to the spread of volcanic ash. This ash has traveled in different directions, covering areas to the west, north-west, north-east, and south-east. It's causing disruptions and concerns among residents and authorities alike.

Ambar Suryoko, head of the regional airport authority, emphasized the need for constant monitoring and coordination with relevant stakeholders to ensure flight safety and overall security. The priority is to keep everyone safe and comfortable amidst the chaos caused by the eruption.

The evacuation efforts have been significant, with over 11,000 people being instructed to leave their homes located in the affected area. A joint team from local authorities has been working tirelessly to evacuate residents to safer areas, using boats to navigate through the challenges posed by the eruption.

One of the major concerns is the potential collapse of part of the volcano into the sea, which could trigger a tsunami. This is not an unfounded fear, as history has shown. In 1871, a similar event occurred, leading to devastating consequences. Authorities are keen on preventing a repeat of such a tragedy.

The impact of the eruption is visible on the ground, with houses, roads, and other structures covered in grey volcanic ash. Many roofs have been damaged by debris ejected from the volcano during the eruptions. It's a scene of destruction and disruption for the communities affected by Mount Ruang's activity.

The situation escalated on Wednesday when the volcano experienced five large eruptions, prompting the volcanology center to issue its highest level of alert. People were instructed to stay at least six kilometers away from the 725-meter high mountain to ensure their safety.

As of the latest observations, white smoke continues to rise from the main crater of Mount Ruang with medium to thick intensity. This ongoing activity keeps everyone on edge, unsure of what might happen next.

In addition to the immediate impact on nearby communities, there are concerns about the potential risks to Tagulandang island, located east of the volcano. Residents there have also been advised to evacuate, as they could be at risk if a collapse were to occur.

The evacuation process for Tagulandang island residents involves a journey of six hours by boat to reach the safer destination of Manado. It's a daunting journey, but necessary to ensure their safety in the face of the volcanic threat.

Indonesia, with its 120 active volcanoes, is no stranger to volcanic activity. The country sits along the "Ring of Fire," a horseshoe-shaped series of seismic fault lines around the Pacific Ocean, making it prone to such eruptions.

In conclusion, the eruption of Mount Ruang on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia has caused widespread disruption and prompted significant evacuation efforts. The priority remains the safety and well-being of the affected communities, as authorities continue to monitor the situation closely.

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