TV Presenter Michael Mosley's Death Ruled as Natural Causes by Greek Inquest

TV Presenter Michael Mosley's Death Ruled as Natural Causes by Greek Inquest

Renowned TV presenter Michael Mosley's untimely demise on the picturesque Greek island of Symi has left many shocked and saddened. The initial investigation into his death has concluded that it was most likely due to natural causes, ruling out foul play.

According to reports, Mosley, 67, disappeared during a walk on the island and was found five days later. The coroner in Rhodes, Greece, stated that there were no signs of injury indicating criminal activity. Greece's public broadcaster, ERT, reported, "It has emerged there are no injuries that can be linked to a criminal act."

Forensic scientist Panayiotis Kotretsis has ordered further tests to determine the precise cause of death, including toxicological and histological examinations. However, the results are not expected for several months.

Speculations suggest that Mosley may have succumbed to exhaustion while hiking through Symi's rugged terrain. The local temperature on the day of his disappearance exceeded 37°C (98.6°F), making the rocky hills even more challenging to traverse. Symi's mayor, Lefteris Papakaloudoukas, commented on the position in which Mosley was found, stating, "He wasn’t found face down, he was found face up which suggests he may have felt dizzy or simply unwell and laid down."

CCTV footage obtained by Greek police supports the theory that Mosley was fatigued before his passing. The footage, not yet released to the media, indicates that Mosley was exhausted by the time he reached a beach bar, about two hours after setting off from St Nikolas beach.

Mosley's wife, Clare Bailey, paid tribute to her late husband, describing him as "wonderful, funny, kind, and brilliant." She, along with their four children, will accompany Mosley's body back to the UK, where funeral arrangements will be made.

Mosley rose to fame in the UK by popularizing intermittent fasting and the 5:2 diet. His disappearance prompted one of the largest search and rescue missions in Greece, with police, firefighters, volunteers, helicopters, drones, and a sniffer dog participating in the efforts.

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