Incident at Baraboo High School Graduation Sparks Outrage

Incident at Baraboo High School Graduation Sparks Outrage

Baraboo High School in Wisconsin found itself once again in the spotlight, this time due to a shocking incident during its recent graduation ceremony. A white father disrupted the event by physically preventing his daughter from shaking hands with the school's Black superintendent, Rainey Briggs. The incident, caught on camera, quickly garnered attention and condemnation from the community.

The disturbance unfolded as the graduation ceremony was underway. Video footage shows the father rushing onto the stage and grabbing Superintendent Briggs by the arm, forcibly pulling him away from his daughter. "That's my daughter," the man can be heard saying as he intervenes.

Superintendent Briggs remained composed during the altercation, with footage capturing him calmly responding, "You better get up off me, man," as he was being dragged away from the student. School officials and Baraboo police officers swiftly intervened, escorting the father off the premises.

Hailey Wagner, spokesperson for the Baraboo School District, addressed the incident, stating, "The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community members is a top priority." The district has referred a disorderly conduct charge against the father to the Sauk County District Attorney's Office.

Community members took to social media to express their outrage over the incident. One Facebook user commended Superintendent Briggs, stating, "This is ridiculous!! Dr. Rainey Briggs, you handled this well." Another user condemned the father's actions, labeling them as "outright racism."

This unsettling event at Baraboo High School is not the first time the school has made headlines for controversial reasons. In 2018, a photo surfaced showing students performing the Nazi salute before their junior prom. The image, taken by a student's parent, sparked nationwide outrage. Lori Mueller, the district's superintendent at the time, emphasized that the photo did not reflect the school's values and beliefs. Despite calls for disciplinary action, Mueller stated that the district was not able to punish the students due to their right to free speech.

The recent disruption at the graduation ceremony occurred amidst existing tensions between the district and parents. Concerns have been raised regarding superintendent pay and the management of district resources. Some parents have even attempted to recall School Board President Kevin Vodak.

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